Sunday, November 29, 2009

Netflix Wish List

I love Netflix. I picked up a Gamebox 180º so I can stream content to my TV. There are just a few obvious, simple things Netflix needs to clean up before Blockbuster packs up for good:

Fix social networking.
Netflix has the ugliest friend system in the world. Right now, adding a friend involves either e-mailing them via a form on the site or giving them an unwieldy URL to friend you "anonymously." This is absurd! Sharing queues should be a simple matter of designating yours as public or not. Allow users to hide some titles from friends. Netflix connects with Facebook but seeing ratings in my news feed is making little use of the API.

Send reminders.
Even though Netflix does away with due dates, I know that my rentals have a more subtle expiration date. If I have a movie in my house for a full 7 days and don't get to it, it's just not happening. I've heard tales of people keeping movies for weeks into months. As much as I appreciate Netflix's laissez-faire rental philosophy, optional reminders ("Hey, you've had Pierrot Le Fou out for 10 days") would help users at very little expense.

Fix saved movies.
Right now the Saved DVDs list is a kind of limbo for unreleased movies and previously available streaming films. When my saved movies become available, tell me so! Let me put saved movies into my queue directly, or notify me somehow when movies become available, or both.

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